How to Avoid Scams When Buying a Used Car in Delhi

The used car market is on the upswing as the high growth in car demand continues to drive the positive outlook. However, it is also an opportunity that scammers are taking full advantage of, especially with diversified demand and payment options available.

Scammer car buyers and sellers have evolved lots of techniques as the market grows at a fast pace, trying to float loan payments or wait until I get the next check (for buyers). Sellers create fake ways to scam buyers too. These are some of the best ways to avoid scams while buying a used car in Delhi.

Best Ways to Avoid Falling Prey to Scamsters When Buying a Used Car in Delhi.

There are a number of smart ways you can ensure your safety. These may include:

– Research and Gather Valid Information: Every car is registered by the regional transport offices (RTOs) of various states and union territories. Get details on the car’s registration and ownership. Besides, valid insurance papers and service track records can also help you get an idea of the car’s worth and value. Check out the used car dealer you are buying the car from, if it’s a dealership. Check the dealer’s credibility and reputation. Does he have a valid dealer’s licence to legally sell vehicles?

Research and Gather Valid Information

– Transact with Certified and Registered Used Car Dealers: There is less likelihood of a used car dealer scamming his customers. This is because, after all, credibility and reputation are what keep them in business. But besides, you can avoid buying stolen or below-market-value vehicles.

– Always Allow Transactions with Certified Checks: They are reliable and secure methods of payment or settling financial transactions. This is because they are issued by banks and have guaranteed fund reserves. It protects the seller against fraudsters and counterfeit checks as they aren’t liquid cash but rather a transaction medium that is 100% safe. But it also protects the buyer from extra claims and hidden costs.

– Buyer-Seller Agreements on Stamp Paper: A legally binding stamp paper is an agreement of transfer of ownership besides the original car registrations. You can both sign and ensure there’s 100% safety from being scammed and cheated.

– Better to Use Outright Cash Payments: Buying a car has its challenges, especially with regard to technical condition validation. But with certified sellers and dealers, vehicle conditions are always validated by their insurance and registration. Going for cash payments settles your used car bill and is a far safer way to make full payments. Buyers can make direct money transfers to the seller’s account eliminating without middlemen or ‘deal breakers’.

– Hire a Mechanic for a thorough Inspection and Test Drive: Claims and looks may vary with the actual technical condition of the vehicle. And that is why having a car mechanic with sound knowledge of car technicalities can save you a lot of pain afterwards. A versatile mechanic can easily evaluate present condition over value claims by the seller. A vehicle may look stunning outside or in the driveway. Test driving before buying reveals other aspects like the vehicle’s handling and feel on the road. It is good to check all vehicle features and ask for maintenance records.

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