Your 2023 Auto Expo Roadmap

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New Products on Display at 2023 Auto Expo Include:

  • New electric vacuum pumps, water pumps with 3- and 4-way control valves, and oil pumps are also available.
  • The most recent mechanical and hydraulic CBS drum brake systems are available.
  • The most recent CNG regulators, which include the full CNG system, including the CNG ECU, Injector, Filling Valve, and Tank Valve, were created in partnership with the Nikki Co. Ltd. of Japan for passenger commercial vehicles.
  • With a focus on the markets for truck, bus, and light commercial vehicles as well as generator sets, hydrogen fuel cell power generators were created in a joint venture with H2X Global Ltd., an Australian producer of vehicles and powered items.

At the 16th edition of the Auto Components Expo in Delhi, Advik Hi-Tech (Advik), the top worldwide Tier-1 auto component supplier, exhibited a broad range of its most recent technology solutions covering the ICE, Electric Vehicles, CNG, and Hydrogen fuel markets.

Advik revealed its development strategy for 2025 to quadruple its growth over the following three years as it transforms from a component producer to a provider of end-to-end systems solutions. Over the next three years, the firm plans to satisfy its expansion needs for product and capacity development with a capex of over 500 crore rupees.

Advik showcased several novel goods during the Expo, such as:

Newest (ICE) Product Showcase: Vacuum pumps, water pumps, and oil pumps of the future. These goods support Advik’s robust worldwide ICE range and aid in meeting the Euro 6 Emission Standards. The latest EGR valve, solenoid purge valve, and solenoid air secondary valve are also on show. These goods will increase vehicle fuel economy while also reducing CO2 and particulate matter emissions.

New electric water and oil pumps with 3-way and 4-way control valves for better thermal management and lubrication for ICE and Electric Vehicles were also introduced, according to Advik. In conjunction with Entecnia, Spain, this also incorporates an Electric Vacuum Pump to help with brakes in passenger automobiles and commercial vehicles.

The introduction of the newest hydraulic and mechanical CBS drum brake systems will serve India’s expanding 2-wheel electric vehicle industry.

Advik presented the most recent CNG regulators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the alternative fuel segment. These regulators were created in partnership with the Nikki Co. Ltd. of Japan and include the entire CNG system, which consists of CNG Electronic Control Units (ECU), Injectors, Filling Valves, and Tank Valves. The CNG regulators will serve the markets for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, industrial forklifts, and stationary generators thanks to Nikki’s proven technology and Advik’s production capabilities.

The joint venture will further increase its presence in the European and Asian markets by drawing on Advik’s solid experience in the development of technological components and H2X’s extensive global experience, which includes more than 22 million kilometers of distance traveled by vehicles equipped with hydrogen systems to date. The items will be marketed under the H2X brand and production is anticipated to start by the middle of 2023.

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