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Why You should Take Care Choosing a Used Car Dealership?

Earlier you might be struggling while getting a new car as it is out of your budget. Instead of looking for a new car, you can check the used car. At present, used cars are so cheap that people started buying a lot of used cars rather than buying new cars. Apart from this, it allows you to save money.

Although, a new car provides a lot of new features. Apart from this, it contains a lot of paperwork, registrations, insurance terms, and transfers.

In order to get rid of these formalities, you can get a used car. Remember some of the important points while buying a used car are given below. Before moving to the points, let’s check the used car from professional website named as

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5 Things to Remember While Getting a Used Car

The below-listed points explain the major concerns to be taken care of while buying a used car.

  1. Pre-Inspect the Car and Papers Thoroughly

Before buying a used car, you need to check it from your trusted mechanic. With the help of this inspection, you get a chance to either resolve the issues by the owner or allow you to negotiate the price. Along with this, you can go through the below-listed benefits of pre-inspection of the used car.

  • Before buying a used car, you can verify the insurance paper. It helps you to understand whether the car has an accident claim or not. With the help of the no claim balance policy, you can easily go through the used percentage.
  • You can check whether the engine number and chassis number are the same as mentioned in the registration paper or not.
  • Inspect the car thoroughly to check the signs of damage on the car.
  1. Get the Registration Certificate of the Second Hand Car in your Name

To transfer the registration certificate of the second-hand car in your name, you need to ask the dealer to get it done with RTO jurisdiction. The RTO form needs to be signed by both the previous owner and you. In case the car’s registration is completely from yours, you need to get NOC to speed up with the RTO’s jurisdiction.

After completing the transaction registration, now you can get a receipt within 15-18 days, and get a copy of the changed RC copy within 40-45 days.

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  1. Transfer the Second-Hand Car Insurance in Your Name

In order to change the name on the insurance policy, you need to get the transformation of ownership of the car. In case the RC gets registered with your name and the policy is still found in the previous name, then your insurance policy is not valid and it’s of no use. To get rid of this issue, it is mandatory to get the insurance in your name along with the policy.

  1. Get the No Claim Balance

NCB’s main agenda is to provide insurance, whereas it’s not possible with an insured vehicle. Thus, the NCB can be passed to the new owner but not the insurance policy. However, the new owner is obelized to pay the left money on the account of NCB for the balance policy. Apart from this, the actual owner can make use of the old NCB to get a new vehicle as it was purchased by him.

  1. Remove the Dust and Fix Your Car Before the First Drive

Here are a few of the things that need to be taken care of before going for a fast drive.

  • The car should be neat and clean.
  • Fluids change required on regular basis.
  • Check whether the light, and spark bulbs are working properly or not. If not, then you need to fix them. Along with this, you need to fix the cracks, holes, etc.

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