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Top 5 second hand cars you can buy in Bangalore

With Bangalore being a space to accommodate businesses given its diversity of markets, it has always been a destination for a large part of the population in India. From being the IT hub to having a considerable population of Karnataka, Bangalore has evolved as a city with many amenities and services. One of the main markets which has emerged with the constant need of having a four wheeler is the second hand cars in Bangalore. This is a booming market as the demand for pre-owned cars in Bangalore has been increasing. There are many agencies where people have tried to help buyers choose from the best options of second hand cars in Bangalore. These people deploy various mechanisms where information regarding the cars are made available to the buyers.

Out of many cars, there are few cars which are preferred by the customers given the economical use of it-

1. Maruti Alto 800

This is one of the cheapest cars which could be bought after being previously owned. Because of the versatility of the vehicle, many people like it to be their first purchase. The new model starts around 2 lakhs. After being previously owned, the price for its second hand version could reduce down to 50,000 which is worthy of the vehicle. With less fuel consumption and low maintenance, this car tops the list of being most wanted by the middle class dwelling in the expensive city of Bangalore.

2. Swift Dzire

If you want to go for a sedan, this car is definitely in the race for it. Swift Dzire is known for the comfort and fuel consumption it provides to the buyer. Many first time buyers prefer this car in general if they look for a four wheeler which is for a family of more than two. In some reports, it is mentioned that the second hand version of the car is being asked at the price for about 6 lakhs with the car not being more than 3 years old. But this is not the quoted price for the city of Bangalore. Going by the trend of selling second hand cars at a higher price, it is likely that the price for this car in the city would be little higher than the mentioned price.

3. Maruti Ciaz

This is relatively a new car of Maruti Suzuki as compared to Swift Dzire. If someone is looking for an upgrade from the regular sedan, they can go for this option. Ciaz is known for its looks and its comfort. It is on the higher range in regard to price given the opening price of the car for the first time owner. If maintained properly, this car can be an asset for the second time buyers as well.

4. Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova is a car which is generally used by travelers as it comes with space and comfort. Also, many companies like to have such cars for their employees as it can accommodate many people without compromising on the comfort factor for them. The price of the second hand version is high but it is totally worth it given the service it provides. It is great for a big family or for  someone who likes to go for road trips. It can cater to the needs of both these categories of customers without fail. Although in Bangalore, it is hard to keep a car which takes up a considerable amount of space but if you have the capacity then it is definitely an option to go for.

5. Maruti Vitara Brezza

This car is suitable for people who want to have a SUV for their travel or communication purposes. The car comes with sporty looks and great fuel efficiency. It is known that this car has plush ride qualities to count on with a spacious interior. Also, this car is known for being a low maintenance car which is so hard to find these days. If the second hand model is bought after about 3-4 years, this car comes in good shape for the buyer. It is unlikely that the service given by this car may meet with dissatisfaction of the owner.

In Bangalore, there are luxury cars as well which are put for sale after being owned once. But since the population of the people who can afford it is on the lower side, they hardly come under the most popular second hand cars in Bangalore. But with the purchasing power increasing with time, there may be a day where the best second hand cars in Bangalore will include cars from companies like BMW.

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