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Things to look at while purchasing a pre-owned car

While public transport is an environmentally friendly option, it is not always the most reliable one. Especially when you are getting late and have to hurry somewhere, you can rely the most on your vehicle. While traffic is an issue, when you need to go out somewhere on your own, it seems less of a problem. Owning a vehicle does solve the commute issue considerably, as cabs cost a lot more.

However, getting a new car isn’t the best form of investment especially when new models are out every day. In a city like Bangalore, people prefer renting out/purchasing pre-owned cars as they are less hassle in terms of expenditure in the short term than compared to getting a new one. But even getting a pre-owned car needs some consideration.

Before we head over to the points that one should consider before getting a used car, let’s see why used cars are a good choice.

Why go for pre-owned cars in Bangalore?

  1. Affordable: Bangalore is an expensive city to live in. you surely don’t want to add to your expenses by getting a car, whose EMI you’ll have to pay for the next few years. Instead, you can invest that money and get something good in return. You can easily bargain on pre-owned cars and get amazing deals.
  2. Low cost incurred on insurance: This might come as a surprise to many as people think used cars mean more expenses. However, when it comes to insurance plans, used cars need less insurance investment in them as compared to the new ones.
  3. Less depreciation: we are extremely careful with new things as the chances of them depreciating are higher than the old ones, for they are already used and hence the percentage of depreciation reduces considerably. The small dents don’t pain you as much in an old car as they do in a new car.
  4. Not shabby: People have this preconceived notion that old things mean something shabby-looking and not suitable. However, in today’s time, used cars are presentable and work well. One of the reasons being few people often jump to new models and want a good resalable value, so they maintain their cars quite well.

How to rely on the quality of the car?

This usually comes down to how much you can trust the person selling the car. However, there are many certified car sellers that you can look up to while looking to purchase a second-hand car in Bangalore. It might cost a bit more than non-certified ones, who sell you the car at a lesser amount but it might not be in the condition as promised.

Certified sellers have all the documents ready, so you can have a good night’s sleep when it comes to your old car. Always do a proper inspection of the car and have a warranty from the purchasing party. Vroomwheel brings you the most reliable pre-owned cars all over the country. You should check them out if you are looking to buy them in Bangalore.

How to select a second-hand car for yourself?

  1. Understand your needs

This is the first thing that a buyer needs to consider. Why do you need the car? What is your preferred model? What are the technical specifications you want in it? How much is your budget? All these things will help in shortlisting and get you exactly what you want.

  1. Explore options

Don’t settle for just one second-hand showroom you know in your locality. You might get a better deal in other places. So, it is always a good idea to check on all pre-owned car places and collect information about your car’s pricing, and other relevant information before making the decision.

  1. Test drive

Even while purchasing a new car, we like to take it for a spin to see if it is indeed delivering the things promised. Test driving a car will help you see if you are comfortable driving it and whether it has any other issues that need to be looked after or not.

  1. Check all the documents

It is extremely important to have all the documents set straight while purchasing a pre-owned car. It can be stolen, it could be damaged or any other issue might arise. So, to be on the safe side, always ensure that the seller has all verified documents with them. These documents include registration certificate, invoice of car purchase, insurance documents, and the likes.

  1. Transfer the ownership

You wouldn’t want someone coming up to you someday, claiming the car you purchased second hand is theirs. So, it is important to transfer the ownership in your name. This might seem a light thing but many people can take advantage if you haven’t transferred the ownership in your name.

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