These 5 Cars You Should Say Goodbye

In India, cars are considered a necessity and luxury item. For that reason, companies have to put extra effort into their research and development to meet most buyers’ requirements. But with the constant technology upgradation, many cars need to be made aware of the league. Here we will discuss five cars to which you should say Goodbye.

Five cars to which you should say Goodbye:

  1.  Volkswagen Polo

Polo needs no introduction from others. The hatch of the car never looks boring, even after a decade. In the era of cars with an aggressive stance and cuts and creases, the timeless design of the hatchback fits right. But this model is in dire need of generational modification. This car comes with a petrol engine and does not have a diesel option, so after the BS6 emission norms, this car goes out of the league.

  1.  Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is the jack of all trades. This model is an attempt for Toyota to compete with the segment leaders like Hyundai Verna and Honda City. Being a typical Toyota car, it is reliable, but it needed help from the sales number.

Toyota Yaris comes with a quality interior and various decent features. But still, it was not able to incline the buyers. Later, the entry of the Toyota Belta, known as the Toyota Ciaz, pushed the Yaris out of the Market.

  1. Skoda Rapid

This car is amongst the first car which leaves the Indian Market. It is a C-segment sedan which provides it with some serious business. Skoda Rapid was involved in the Indian Automobile industry for almost a decade.

It was liked by quite a several people, especially petrol car lovers. But later on, it vanished from the Market with the launch of Slavia by Skoda, and another reason is it got outdated in the Market. The last stage of Rapid comes with only a 1-liter turbo petrol engine capable of generating 175Nm of peak torque and 110ps of Max power.

  1. Ford EcoSport

EcoSport gives a rapid boost to its segment of vehicles despite not being the first vehicle of its segment. Ford launched this car in the year 2012. Ford EcoSport was considered one of the first best-selling SUVs in India. It has a powerful petrol and diesel engine with excellent driving dynamics. It gives the car an attitude like go-anywhere.

These are the reasons for EcoSport’s great sales, but with the company’s sailing away, the vehicle also vanished from the Market.

  1. Ford Aspire

Ford Aspire is another car that left the Indian Market this year. Aspire is that model which was indeed a value for money and well-equipped vehicle but was not able to leave a mark in the Automobile Industry. This car is well known for its brilliant driving dynamics. But now it has become the car that used to be a part of the Market. Aspire sailed away from the Market after the company wrapped up its business.


With the rapid technology change, the automobile industry is launching new cars with upgraded features frequently. So, you need to be updated with this information before buying.

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