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In this guide, we’ll show you how to keep your car in good shape over the summer.

Unquestionably, it’s always tough to spend your hard-earned savings to pay for car repairs and even more difficult lately with how the economy is performing. But, to ensure it is important to keep the value of cars and minimize repair costs, here are a few simple and easy-to-remember significant tips on how to keep your car in a well-maintained condition.

In the summertime, the high temperature can cause heat strokes and sunburns. Similarly, heat can affect the interior as well as the exterior components of your car.

To maintain the condition of your car regularly, you will have better chances of keeping your vehicle in fine running conditions.

Dust, grime, and heat are substantially the noticeable reality of summer days as such factors are considered to be the worst enemies of your car.

Keep your car cool

Summer heat can also spike the temperature of your car, so it is important to keep a check on the temperature gauge in case it indicates a higher than normal temperature. A spike in the temperature can cause mechanical issues that might need immediate fixing.

Refill the coolant

It is essential to check the level of the coolant and top it up and be careful during filling up the coolant because if your engine has been running a few minutes back, then it will be hot and risky.

Parking Prerequisites

It is also significant to park your car in a covered space as it can be very helpful in maintaining the interior and exterior of your car. Continuous exposure of your car to sunlight will cause the interior components to brittle and break. If you do not have direct access to a garage, then you can find a tree or any shaded area to park your car.

Utilizing a Blocker

 It is always suggested that you buy a good reflective sunshade to guard your car against distant elements. You can cover your car with a sunshade whenever you don’t have access to a garage or a shade. This cover will also protect the car from dangerous elements that will potentially rust the metals part or overheat the engine.

Change Filters Regularly

With time, your car’s oil filter and air filter become clogged so it’s important to renew them regularly. It is important to replace the filters as part of scheduled car servicing, but both are relatively simple jobs particularly an air filter swap so you might want to give it a try and save a huge amount of money in the process.

Most of the time, you can extend the life of the air filter by washing it and buying good quality filters as cheap, poor quality filters could damage your engine in the longer term.

Stick to the Service schedule

Regular servicing especially during summers is pivotal to keep your car in an unsurpassed condition and prolong its life. Typically the service intervals are generally based on time or miles were driven and once a year or every 10,000 miles.

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