How to remove fog from cars in winter

Whenever you drive a car, you must maintain good visibility. Fog, mist, and condensation are a few examples of simple problems that can obscure one’s vision while driving. Keeping your eye on the road without having to worry about distorted vision while driving is possible with the help of easy maintenance. Winter or rainy weather can make driving hazardous, but foggy windshields make it even more dangerous. 


When your windshield is foggy, you cannot see the road well, so it is not safe to drive with a foggy windshield. Choosing the right methods to unfog your windshield will depend on understanding what causes it to fog. 


If the temperature inside and outside the car is different, a foggy windshield is common. When a car’s air-conditioning runs in summer, the hot air outside cools the wind inside the car, causing the fog to form. In the winter, fog is caused by cooler air outside hitting relatively warm windows. 

The windshield is dirty

Moisture will be attracted to the windshield when dirt, dust, and debris are present. Temperature differences will result in moisture causing the windshield to fog up if it is already dirty. 

The best way to remove winter fog from cars

In order to maintain proper visibility, it is imperative that you know how to remove fog from your car. As part of your routine car maintenance, you should regularly clean your car’s filters. To avoid fogging while driving quickly, you should know simple things you can do to minimize the temperature difference. To avoid a foggy windshield while driving, follow these tips:

Dial up the heat

If you’re driving in the cold, you want to keep the inside of your car warm. It is therefore advisable to increase the temperature inside your car in order to stay warm. Having hot air around will also prevent fogging, since hot air contains a greater amount of moisture. Moisture will be collected inside the car but will not reach the windshield because of the hot air. As a result, cold weather fogging will be minimised. 

Make use of the air conditioner

Switching on the air conditioner instead of the heater is another alternative. In addition to reducing moisture on the inside as well as the windshield, the air conditioner’s cooling coils pull moisture into the air.

 Air recirculation should be stopped

Another way to quickly remove fog is to raise the temperature of the car in accordance with the outside temperature. You can make your car cold and dry by stopping the circulation of air. As well as absorbing moisture, the dry air will also help prevent fogging on the windshield. 

Windows should be opened

Open the windows slightly if you are experiencing fog while driving. The heat will be removed from the car by the cold, dry air coming from outside. By removing moisture from the inside, fogging can be reduced. 


If you live in a region with cold weather, investing in a heated windscreen can help prevent foggy windows. It will also be helpful if you use the air conditioner and allow fresh air to circulate. Depending on the weather outside, the best method of clearing the fog in a car can vary. Dirt and debris buildup in HVAC systems can lead to moisture buildup, which is preventable through regular cleaning and maintenance.

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