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How To Evaluate a Used Car’s Condition?

In India, the market for used cars is massive and sales numbers are as high as new car sales. However, when it comes to buying a used car, most people advise you against it. You might even think that it is a bad idea but the reality is that, it is not. When you do proper research, you can find some great bargains and letting good deals slip out of hand could cost you more than you anticipated. So, if you have shortlisted some used cars that can give you value for money and add stars to your status, then there is no shame in going ahead with it. But don’t be hasty in your decision. You must go for a personal inspection. If you don’t want to be duped by a faulty car, below mentioned steps will help you to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and even professionally. 

Inspect the car during the day

The best time to see and inspect a used car is in the daytime. This is when there is optimum light and you can see the car. It will be your chance to inspect the paint, and whether there are any dents or scratches that would need to be taken care of. You can see the condition of the tyres and the front grill. If you will inspect such things in low light, there is a big chance that you will miss out on something substantial, which you might regret later. So daytime is the best time to go check out a used car. 

Take a look in the open area

If you are visiting the seller’s house or garage, ask them to drive it out in the open area. If the car is parked on an uneven surface or has one side of it against the wall, it will obstruct your view. A 360 degree view will allow you to properly see the car, and open all the doors and the hood. When you are looking at the car from all possible angles, you get a better picture of its condition. 

Go Under the Hood

When checking out a used car, looking closely under the hood is of great importance. You can fix and replace almost every part with ease except the engine. So, check out the engine and if you are not good at it, take a mechanic with you who can help you take a better decision. If the engine has issues or defect, don’t buy that car.

Look for modifications or aftermarket body parts

If the car is heavily modified, this means that it has been used roughly. The aftermarket parts that are used in the car must be judged carefully. However, it is ideal to stay away from such a car.  If you don’t wish to go through such trouble yourself, then you must buy a used car from a trusted & reputed seller like Vroom Wheel. The site offers you hundreds of used cars of various budgets to choose from.

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