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How to Check Mileage on a Used Car: A Quick guide

You’re looking for a used car, or you’ve already settled on a certified pre-owned car and have narrowed your choices to a certain body style. It is now time to begin evaluating various automobiles to see which would be the greatest fit for your requirements. But how can you know whether you’re getting a good deal on a trustworthy vehicle? One aspect to consider when purchasing a secondhand vehicle is the engine mileage. Automobile mileage is still a significant factor in the choice to buy a new car in India. So, take a look at the information below to learn everything you need to know about used vehicle miles.

How crucial is the mileage on a secondhand car?

The odometer shows how far a used car has gone during its lifespan. Although mileage is essential, it is recommended not to depend only on it when judging the condition of a used automobile. More importantly, you should know how well the former owner or owners cared for the vehicle throughout the years.

When the odometer reaches 100,000 miles, various engine components such as timing belts, spark plugs, and air filters begin to fail. You may access this information by requesting service records from the seller or by purchasing a car history report.

Annual Mileage Average:

Every year, the typical automobile drives 12,000 miles. So, for a 10-year-old car, an odometer reading of roughly 120,000 miles is common.

An automobile with higher-than-average mileage – for example, 20,000 miles per year rather than 12,000 – may be a great buy. Because of the smooth road, consistent speeds, and infrequent pauses, wear and tear on the vehicle will be minimal. If an automobile belonged to a travelling professional, it was most likely well-maintained because it was used to earn a living. These cars are a great deal since you’re receiving a vehicle that will serve you well for many years and miles.

Be cautious of odometer rollback?

The odometer, like every other component of a car, may be turned back to subtract hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres from the number displayed. This is a vital piece of information for potential purchasers, and sadly, individuals have been employing the odometer rewind gimmick for decades.

The term “odometer rollback” refers to the process of manually reversing the numbers on a mechanical device that tracks a vehicle’s distance travelled. Odometers have subsequently gone digital, with mechanical odometers becoming obsolete in the early 2000s. Digital odometers may be rolled back by either removing the vehicle’s circuit board to adjust the odometer number or by employing rollback equipment that plugs directly into the vehicle’s electrical circuit.

Detecting whether or not an odometer has been turned back:

Before purchasing a used automobile, always have a pre-purchase examination performed and obtain a vehicle history report. The history report will not only inform you of the vehicle’s damage history, unresolved recall status, lien status, and other information, but it will also offer a registration history, including odometer readings. Make sure the pattern is sensible by comparing these figures to the odometer readings. Check the odometer reading against the vehicle’s wear and tear.

What is the optimum number of miles on a secondhand car?

Technological and manufacturing advancements have resulted in high-quality automobiles that can withstand the test of time. Previously, the widely held opinion that it is advisable to avoid automobiles with high mileage included some reality. However, other considerations now bear more weight than the number of miles a vehicle has driven. A test drive is a great way to judge the condition of a secondhand automobile.

Even though a car has over 100,000 miles on it, if it performs well and has a clean history report, it may be a wonderful value and reliable mode of transportation.

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