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Do you want your car to look as good as new? Here are some cleaning suggestions to consider!

When leaving for work in the morning, every car owner wants their vehicle to look brand new. Everyone requires a clean car, but some people are unaware of the amount of effort required to keep your car clean. There are a plethora of high-priced products on the market that claim to restore your car’s lustre, but simply spending money will not yield results.  So if you want to make the most of your car cleaning then take a look at the tips below and keep them in mind.

Use car wash soap to clean:

A thorough hand washing is the best way to clean your car. Regrettably, that is only true if everything is done correctly, which most car owners do not. When done incorrectly, what appears to be a simple task, such as washing your car, can result in significant paint damage. When you choose to wash your car in the driveway, do your car a favour and skip the dish soap, which can harm the paint, and strip away protective wax coatings. Instead, use a car wash soap that is formulated for the types of contaminants that accumulate on a car and will not harm the paint.

Begin at the top and work your way down:

Aside from using the incorrect chemicals to clean a car, another common error is to begin cleaning at random or with the most difficult areas first. A professional, on the other hand, understands the importance of beginning at the top and working down. Make the most of gravity’s help. Contaminants will not be reintroduced to surfaces that have already been cleaned in this manner. After you’ve rinsed away the loose debris, begin washing the roof with a sudsy mitt. Rinse after that. Clean one side of the glass before rinsing it. To keep the soap from drying on the surface, continue washing and rinsing top-down in small areas.

The latch and hinges should be lubricated:

Clean the latch and lubricate it with 3 in 1 oil or another protectant regularly. The trunk latch is no different. Users can lubricate their door hinges by spraying or dripping some lubricant on them and then swinging the door open and closed a few times to work it in. Your hood hinges’ pivot points aren’t always visible. However, if you can reach them, a gentle spray of white lithium grease now and then will keep them from seizing up later.

Carpet and upholstery maintenance:

When cleaning the inside of your car many argue that, like the exterior, you should begin at the top. Using a shop vac, vacuum up the dirt in the carpeting. Utilize a dry scrub brush to loosen any remaining dirt while you’re at it. Because automotive carpeting can hold a lot of dirt, this may take some time. If you don’t have significant exposure to an air compressor, a blow gun can be used to loosen the dirt. To remove stains, use a carpet and upholstery shampoo. Apply a small amount of shampoo, then a coat of clean water from a spray bottle. This aids in wetting the surface without over-shampooing it.

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