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Best Used Car for Long Distance Driving in India

By 2025, the used car market is anticipated to rise by 23% annually from its current 10% annual growth rate. People are exhibiting interest in purchasing pre-owned or used cars for a variety of reasons, including reduced depreciation costs, little paperwork, affordable insurance, and inexpensive sales taxes.

The best trustworthy secondhand automobiles for long distance driving in India will be listed in this post.

Honda Jazz 2014-2020 

It wasn’t simple to choose an automobile from this sector. Hatchbacks aren’t often regarded for being good for long road trips. However, we ultimately decided for the diesel Jazz due to its respectable feature set, spacious cabin, and economical yet powerful engine.

In this category, the Volkswagen Polo comes in second place. The Polo GT TSI drives well and boasts a smooth engine and transmission. However, the back seat is not the most comfy. If you travel alone over long distances, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you bring family or friends along, their trip might not be as comfortable as it would be in, say, a Honda Jazz.

Honda Civic 

Perfect. What the Civic is that. It has a roomy interior and superb handling. It can easily reach high triple-digit speeds. If you’re looking for absolute power, you won’t enjoy the Civic. But if you want a cosy interior, a smooth ride, good highway manners, and the ability to command the chassis to obey your every command on ghat sections, the Civic will win your heart right away.

In this group, the Skoda Octavia is our runner-up pick. Although it has a tonne of power, the Civic outperforms it in terms of handling and riding comfort.

Kia Carnival 

To choose which MPV would be the greatest long-distance vehicle, we had to think hard. The Kia Carnival, in the end, was what had everyone nodding in agreement. Even though it is pricey, the experience is as similar to business class as you can get for the money.

Ford Endeavour 

The Endeavour is so excellent that it would be difficult to decide between it and the Honda Civic if we had to choose just one vehicle from the entire list. You would eventually have to choose between the Civic’s corner-carving skill and the Endeavour’s ability to travel wherever. Ford reduced the engine size of the Endeavour to meet BS6 standards, which indirectly improved fuel economy. Even while the earlier Endeavour’s power is missed, the new engine is still capable of travelling at a comfortable speed on the highway. Additionally, it is fairly capable of going off-road if that is what you want to do.

The Toyota Fortuner is a close second in this. Though the Toyota may be the more common option, the Endeavour beats it out for superior ride quality and refinement.

Skoda Rapid

Let’s talk about the Skoda Rapid, which is by far everyone’s favorite vehicle for long-distance travel. Long, wide expanses are made intriguing by the diesel engine and DSG gearbox. However, the diesel has been phased out as of the BS6 period. Simply put, we are hoping the new 1.0-liter petrol TSI packs the same punch as the diesel model.

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